People. Principle. Progress.

The 16th District is a diverse district with diverse and unique issues. These issues require leadership rooted in People, Principle, and Progress.

Standing with the People

Prioritizing Economic Development

“We all win, when we all buy in.”

Economic development is a nuanced issue requiring a nuanced and intentional approach. Since 2016, the 16th District, including Chicago and other towns, had triple the national average of young men, across all races, who are neither in school or have a job. This was prior to the pandemic, which only increased the severity of this issue. I wholeheartedly believe true economic development is only obtainable when economic development is NOT selective. I plan to systematically assess the economic reality of the ENTIRE district so all parts of the 16th district can prosper.

I will go to Springfield ready to fight for proper resources in our most needed areas while supporting our thriving sectors. When I am in Springfield, neighborhoods like Auburn Gresham and Englewood will receive the same level of investment as Oak Lawn and Willow Springs.

Prioritizing Healthcare

“A healthy district is a vibrant district.”

Healthcare is an essential need and right for everyone. Over the last few years, many safety net hospitals were on the brink of closing their doors. It is no secret there are healthcare deserts in vulnerable communities. Over the past year in my role as Chief of Staff to Cook County Commissioner Bill Lowry, I discussed and advocated for resources for hospitals, like Provident Hospital and Mercy Hospital (now Insight Mercy), to ensure we maintain our safety net and community hospitals.

I will continue to fight to resource these hospitals to continue serving our community.

Prioritizing the District through the Budget

“A government’s budget is a reflection of its values.”

As State Senator, one of my responsibilities will be to approve the budget. It is an often overlooked, but essential aspect of a legislator’s job. More importantly, it is my responsibility as the next State Senator of the 16th District to ensure any approved budget services the needs of our community in the 16th District and the needs of the people of Illinois. In my current role, I prepare budgetary analysis at the County level and engage all officials and departments relative to how. and why we allocate resources to certain initiatives. I plan to utilize my experience and expertise to the benefit of everyone in the 16th District.

I value you and your family. I will demonstrate how I value our community through my service as the next State Senator of the 16th District.

Standing on Principle

Resource Transparency

“Transparency creates trust in government and cooperation between leadership and the community.”

I advocate for transparency. Far too often I hear my neighbors and community members tell me how difficult it is to learn of State resources, grants, etc., available to the public. I firmly believe leadership should prioritize educating the community, the district, and the people about these resources. I plan to and more as your next State Senator of the 16th District.


“The goal of leadership should be to advocate generationally and not transactionally.”

It is imperative for any leader to advocate  for causes and champion work aimed at generational outcomes. Our time to be impactful is finite so we owe it to those who will succeed us. In 2019, I started a reoccurring call with staff members of elected officials from the federal, states, county, and city level. These calls allow us to coordinate all our efforts to better serve you.

As the next State Senator of the 16th District, I plan to extend this collaboration. I will cultivate a culture of collaboration amongst my fellow elected officials on ALL levels of government to better serve you.

Common Sense and Community

“Common sense fosters common unity.”

As your next State Senator, I plan to use a common sense approach while representing our district. Many governmental processes and procedures can be cumbersome and overwhelming; however, I plan to minimize these potential issues by being intentional in my accessibility to all constituents.

Currently, I conduct Virtual General Town Halls to regularly update the community regarding governmental and legal updates, as well as, answering community questions. It is this commitment to communication and accessibility which allows our community  to foster a common unity. It’s common sense.

Standing for Progress


“Social equity must be equitable.”

Since cannabis became legal in June of 2019, I worked tirelessly to ensure the mandate of social equity remains at the forefront of the policies, amendments, and application of The Illinois Cannabis Recreation and Tax Act. In my current role, I worked to create the Cook County Cannabis Commission, the only county cannabis commission in the entire state, which works with both the State and local municipalities.

I continue to develop programs and initiatives pushing for social equity applicants to have an equitable opportunity to do business in the County. I firmly believe all levels of government, especially the State, must continue to remove artificial barriers which keep those disproportionately impacted from participating in this new industry.

I plan to continue and expand my work so Illinois continues to be a national leader in legalized cannabis.

MBE/WBE Expansion

“Government should be active in creating opportunities for small business.”

Small business is a cornerstone of our economy, especially locally throughout the district. Additionally, it is important government creates opportunities for minority-owned business entities (MBEs) and women-owned business entities (WBEs). In my current role, I assisted in creating Cook County’s Good Faith Effort Transparency Report Ordinance (GFETR) addressing requests by companies who want to conduct business with the County, but request waivers to fulfilling the County’s participation goals. The GFETR redefined what a “good faith effort” to meet participation goals is at the County. The GFETR led to a reduction of waiver requests and an increase in participation since enacted.

I plan to expand this work at the State level to ensure more opportunities for our small business community throughout the 16th District.

Criminal Justice Reform

“Government must continue to find ways to balance justice with compassion when it comes to our communities.”

I support the criminal justice reform laws recently passed by the State legislature. Many of the criminal justice reform laws are common sense improvements to our criminal justice system. As your next State Senator, I plan to continue working with both the community and legislature to ensure Illinois continues to progress towards common sense reform.

I plan to work diligently to guarantee Illinois maintains an effective balance between justice and compassion for all Illinois residents. I will prioritize the concerns and issues of the 16th District, while giving voice to our community when I am in Springfield.
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